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An Abby's Road Novel

Bruce MacAlister is a West Texas cowboy.  The genuine article, he was born and raised in a large, loving family in the Texas Panhandle.  As a boy, he dreamed of two things – training top-notch cutting horses and starting a family of his own.  Tall and handsome, Bruce has plenty of opportunities to connect with women, but he is growing weary of casual relationships.  As he gets ready to move back to the Texas Panhandle, he knows the opportunities for finding the right woman will soon be few and far between.  Just as he has resigned himself to being everybody’s favorite bachelor uncle, he meets Abby.

When Bruce first meets Abby, the most attractive thing about her is that she’s standing in an office with a working air conditioner.  When he finally coaxes a smile out of her, she reveals a single dimple in her right cheek.  It is this one feature that gets under his skin and begins to infect his thoughts.  Intrigued by the fact that she seems immune to his charms, he begins his pursuit.  The harder he tries to get to know her, the more evasive she becomes.  Slowly, Bruce learns more about this mysterious and captivating woman who has stolen his heart only to discover she has enough secrets to fill the state of Texas.

After a great deal of patience – and more than one battle – the two finally grasp that theirs is the love for which they have each yearned.  This discovery leaves them with only one question to answer: Will Abby’s past keep them from the happiness they deserve?

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Available now on Amazon and Kindle Books

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